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By Product Expert | Posted in Finance on Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 at 9:54 pm
Is it safe to do a credit application on the Third Coast Auto Group website?

Drivers who have struggled to get credit approval in the past may be wary about applying for credit. Fortunately, here at Third Coast Auto Group, we make applying for a car loan, and getting that loan even if you have a bad credit situation, straightforward. If you are interested in getting financing for one of our quality used vehicles at one of our four locations around Austin TX, we can help. One of the first steps is filling out our easy online pre-approval form. But is it safe to do a credit application on the Third Coast Auto Group website? Absolutely! Keep reading to learn about a few of the ways we keep you safe when you apply for an auto loan at Third Coast Auto Group.

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Is it safe to do a credit application on the Third Coast Auto Group website?

It is definitely safe to fill out a credit application on the Third Coast Auto Group website. We have several systems in place which help make your information secure. One of those protective measures is a firewall around our website to protect from intrusion. The Third Coast Auto Group website also uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer, the industry-standard security protocol used to communicate with browsers) to transmit personal information. When you submit information through our form, your personal information is protected with strong encryption to keep it safe.

How you can improve your credit score with a car loan?

Improve your credit score with an auto loan

Whether car shoppers have low credit, bad credit or no credit, shopping for a major purchase (like a house or a car) can be stressful because of the loan process. However, with the right lender, even a basic car loan can help improve your credit. Wondering how you can improve  your credit score with a car loan?

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Why does Third Coast Auto Group collect personal information?

In order to approve a customer for an auto loan, we need a fair amount of personally identifiable information to create a relationship or facilitate a business transaction. Things like names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and financing data are important to process an application, and we would not be able to process this information without it. Our website, and other websites we work with, are designed to keep your information safe. Whether you are applying for your first auto loan, or making a payment online with our dealership, we work to offer our customers in Austin, Kyle, and Round Rock TX the best, and safest experience that we can.


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