2021 Ford Explorer vs 2021 Toyota Highlander

2021 Ford Explorer vs 2021 Toyota Highlander

The 2021 Ford Explorer is the go-to SUV for many, and there is a simple reason for it. This SUV has a unique combination of design, utility and specifications and top it off, great comfort. However, the 2021 Toyota Highlander has also carved quite a niche for itself in a short period of time. Therefore, we at Third Coast Auto Group in Austin, Texas, have made this comparison page between the two SUVs and declared our verdict. Take a look!

2021 Ford Explorer


2021 Toyota Highlander

$32,925 MSRP $35,085
27 mpg Fuel Economy (City) 21 mpg
5,300 Maximum Trailering Capacity (lbs.) 5,000
Standard Backup Camera Standard

Which One is Better: 2021 Ford Explorer or 2021 Toyota Highlander?

If we just take a look at the table above, it is quite evident that the 2021 Ford Explorer has some significant advantages over the 2021 Toyota Highlander. For instance, the Ford Explorer will cost you around $3,000 less than the Toyota Highlander. You can direct that extra amount of cash to further customizing your Ford Explorer. Therefore, if price is a major consideration for you, then the 2021 Ford Explorer should be your choice of vehicle.

Next, let us have a look at the fuel efficiency of the two SUVs. It is important that you optimize your fuel consumption as much as possible and to that end, the 2021 Ford Explorer emerges as a better option. The Ford Explorer has a fuel rating of 27 mpg in cities, whereas the Toyota Highlander gives you a fuel economy of 21 mog in the city area. Hence, this round also belongs to the 2021 Ford Explorer.

If you are going for an SUV, then the trailering capacity becomes important as you take your SUV to off-roading quite often. The 2021 Ford Explorer has a maximum trailering capacity of 5,300 lbs., while that of the 2021 Toyota Highlander is 5,000 lbs.

Therefore, while the 2021 Toyota Highlander is a decent SUV, the 2021 Ford Explorer is the ultimate winner in our books.