Used vehicles with under 100,000 miles in Austin TX

2017 Honda Civic on the road with banner in top left corner

Are you looking for a new vehicle, but can’t quite afford one? No worries, we have just what you’re looking for here at Third Coast Auto Group in Austin TX. Our customers often come to us because they want quality without the price tag, and that’s what we have to offer. We get that just because you’re driving a used vehicle, that doesn’t mean you want something with minimal quality. A good option for someone like you would be a used vehicle with under 100,000 miles. Choosing one of these vehicles has a few different benefits, and once you consider those, you’ll probably wonder why you ever considered going with a brand new vehicle in the first place. Take a look at some of the advantages of driving a used vehicle with under 100,000 miles!

Benefits of driving a low-mileage used vehicle

When you need a vehicle to come in clutch at the right time, don’t opt for a new vehicle. Sure, we understand the appeal that goes into a shiny new vehicle that has never been driven before, but that excitement fades away fast when you realize that you’re paying a lot more than you should, and the value will drop quickly. In fact, it’s estimated that new vehicles lose as much as 20 percent of their value after just one year, and another 10 percent each year after. Once you get a few years in, the value may have easily been cut completely in half. That’s exactly where a used vehicle comes into play as being the best option. This is because by the time we have it available here at Third Coast Auto, it has already undergone the worst of its depreciation. While that’s bad news for the seller, that’s excellent news for you, the buyer. You’ll be getting a great bargain, and better yet, the vehicles we sell are in great shape and most look almost brand new.

The next time you need to upgrade your current driving situation, keep us in mind. Third Coast Auto has a wide assortment of pre-owned vehicles to choose from at a great bargain without sacrificing the features you love. Learn more by contacting us here at Third Coast Auto in Austin or schedule a test drive with us today!