Are car dealerships closed on Sundays in Texas?

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A black sign on a white wooden wall says, "Sorry, We're CLOSED".

“Blue Laws” in Texas

In some states, car dealerships cannot be open on Sundays. It’s one of the more random commonly found (and enforced) laws in the U.S. today. Does this rule apply in Texas? Read the rest of this entry »

Where can I find used cars under $10k in Austin, TX?

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A child taps on a calculator and counts out the amount of coins he has. Soon he hopes to have enough for a used car.

Budget-Priced Used Vehicles at Third Coast Auto Group

Having a car can be a necessity in American life, but that doesn’t mean it has to break the bank. A good way to get able wheels for the less materialistic among us is by buying a budget-priced used vehicle. Where can you get good pre-owned cars under $10,000 in the Austin, TX area? Read the rest of this entry »

Where can I buy a truck with no credit in Austin, TX?

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Red Chevrolet Colorado drives up a road amidst mountains, towing a trailer carrying motorbikes.

How to Buy a Truck with No Credit in Austin, TX

Sometimes, you might decide that buying a truck is the best path for your life. You might need it for work, recreation, or daily transport. Having the right vehicle can certainly help a person move in the right direction (both figuratively and literally) in their life.

Unfortunately, people may be held back from their truck-obtaining goal by their credit situation. They may have low, bad, or nonexistent credit. Is there any way to purchase a truck without involving one’s credit score or history in Austin, Texas? Read the rest of this entry »

What is in synthetic oil?

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Synthetic oil pours from a grey bottle onto some machinery.

The Ingredients That Make Up Synthetic Oil

You’ve probably heard a lot about synthetic oil; these days, more and more vehicles are recommending it. Synthetic oil is a more effective form of engine lubricant that boasts improved viscosity performance under extreme temperatures, resists oxidization and thermal breakdown, and avoids the occasional sludge issue. But what is actually in synthetic oil? Read the rest of this entry »

Which car ads are the weirdest?

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First-person view of lounging on a bed watching TV while holding the remote up to the television.

Strangest Car Commercials

Car companies are always working hard to stand out from one another. One way to do this is to make a unique ad. Sure, showing a crossover cruising through a striking landscape with a soothing voice-over conveying the upgrades in an endearingly concise manner is all well and good, but it’s not likely to be remembered.

The drive to make an impression is likely what motivated the following collection of “unique” commercials. And we’re grateful- whatever else one may say about them, they are indeed entertaining. We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether the oddness comes across in an ultimately successful or unsuccessful manner. Read the rest of this entry »

What are the best summer activities in Austin, TX?

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A field with a dandelion is suffused with sunlight. Overlayed purple and blue text reads, "Summer in Austin."

Top Summer Activities in Austin, TX

At the time of this writing, back to school sales and similar propaganda are attempting to ram home the notion that summer is coming to an end soon. Come on, guys: there’s still a month left!  A full third of the season remains, so don’t throw in the towel (and swimsuit) just yet; there’s plenty more summer to enjoy.

And what better way to enjoy it by trying out some of the many activities found around Austin? Studies have shown that humans perceive time to move slower if they experience it in a variety of ways rather than settling into a repetitive routine. So pack some variety into the remainder of your summer with the help of our following suggestions, and make it last longer! Read the rest of this entry »

Are electric cars really more energy efficient?

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The planet Earth is held in the hands of a faceless man wearing a suit.

Electric Cars: Environmentally Friendly or Unfriendly?

You may have heard conflicting statements tossed around about whether electric cars are more fuel-efficient than conventional cars or not. Adherents like to tout the obvious marketed qualities of these machines: the fact that they don’t burn limited, expensive fossil fuel and emit lung-clenching smog into the atmosphere, burning out the ozone and frying our poor planet.

Critics like to hold the contrarian card and point out that manufacturing demands and the fossil fuels used to produce electricity itself both contribute a fair amount of carbon pollutants of their own to the skies, perhaps even more than that pushed out by a traditional piston-powered car.

So which is it- are electric cars more energy-efficient and better for the environment or not? Read the rest of this entry »

What should I do to prevent heat stroke?

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A tired, hot man in a red shirt leans against the wall. He may be battling heat exhaustion, but we hope he's okay.

Staying Cool in the Hot Sun

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say something crazy: it can get hot here in Austin. Yeah, we know- pretty groundbreaking statement, right? Well, thanks to our toasty climate, it’s important to know how to keep cool. After all, temperature-related issues like heat stroke can be deadly.

But that doesn’t mean you should spend all summer cooped up indoors with the AC blasted (although that strategy certainly has its place). Let’s look at some tips to help keep you and your loved ones safe when the temperatures climb up to sidewalk (or in-car) egg-frying levels. Read the rest of this entry »

What is the water pressure at a car wash?

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Water sprays upon a blue car at a high pressure for the purpose of washing.

Automatic Car Wash Pressure

Getting blasted by water from all sides is one unique aspect of being in an automatic car wash. Sometimes it’s tempting to get out of the car and just run through it yourself. If you did so, what would it feel like? What is the water pressure of your average automated car wash? Read the rest of this entry »

Does Buy Here, Pay Here go on your credit?

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Man looks at a computer screen and ponders his financial situation.

BHPH Loan Impact on Credit Score

If you have poor credit or no credit, it can be tough to secure financing for a vehicle. But the problem is, getting a vehicle is often essential to improve or maintain one’s financial situation. In these instances, Buy Here, Pay Here dealerships can help in that they will work with customers to find a financing solution that works. These dealerships are unique in that they’re willing to work with buyers of all credit levels.

However, customers often wonder if working with Buy Here, Pay Here financing will impact their credit score, whether positively or negatively. So, does Buy Here, Pay Here go on your credit? Read the rest of this entry »