Used Car Dealer San Antonio TX

Finding the perfect used car that you can be confident with and excited about is something to be proud of. Too often you hear horror stories about a friend who got ripped off when buying a used car from a private party or even a dealership. These stories make us wince. That is why we use so much time and effort making sure all of our cars are in pristine condition for their year and mileage before posting a for sale sign in the window. If a car doesn't live up to our standards, we won't try to sell it. It is as simple as that. If you are looking for a used car in San Antonio, you may find our inventory is an incentive to make the trip up to Austin!

Certified Pre-Owned

We know you don't need a car to peruse the San Antonio River Walk, but eventually you will run out of restaurants to eat at and you will need a car to get you away from the downtown area. At Third Coast Auto, we carry a diverse inventory of certified pre-owned vehicles that you can rely on for decades. Come see for yourself!

Used Car Financing Options

If you are unsure how much of a car you can afford, we can help you figure it out! We have financing options that can help you own a car that you can show off to your friends. Our plans are flexible and our approval system is generous. If you have any questions about our cars or finance options, contact us today to learn more!