Used 3-Row SUVs in Austin, TX

A front left quarter photo of a used Ford Expendition on the road.

Shopping for a vehicle at Third Coast Auto Group offers a few advantages that won’t be available at new-vehicle dealerships or even other pre-owned vehicle dealerships. One of those advantages is the sheer number of cars, trucks, minivans and SUVs available for customers’ consideration. Anyone looking to take advantage of the performance and capability offered by used 3-row SUVs in Austin, TX should be making an appointment with one of our product experts today.

Third Coast Auto Group has several SUV options that include both traditional and rugged body-on-frame SUVs as well as modern crossover SUVs – both of which can offer three rows of seating. Additionally, if you’ll be moving more cargo and fewer people, the interiors of these vehicles can be easily adapted to serve that function.

Customers can start the process to get a more capable vehicle in their driveway from Third Coast Auto Group today by making an appointment with a product expert at one of our locations closest to you.

Body-On-Frame vs. Crossover SUV

In general, SUVs are some of the most popular vehicles ever produced. Body-on-frame models are built like pickup trucks which can offer higher towing capacity numbers and more performance potential in general. However, most crossover SUVs are built using a unibody architecture – much like sedans. The advantage of this method is that they are more nimble and easier to handle. A customer will need to work with a Third Coast Auto Group to clearly identify the vehicle that will work best for them.

What brands do you have for sale?

Third Coast Auto Group has one of the most diverse lineups of vehicles in our part of Texas, which includes a lot of different SUV options from the top automakers in the world. Some of the makes you can expect to see any one of our facilities will include: Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota and Honda. In the unlikely event that your first trip to one of our showrooms doesn’t pan out, our inventory gets additional vehicles added almost daily. Plus, with several locations to choose from, your options will very rarely be limited by a lack of choice.

Need help with financing?

Everyone needs a safe and reliable vehicle. Just because someone has less-than-perfect credit doesn’t mean they don’t need to get places. Third Coast Auto Group has a lot of experience helping people find the financing they need to get behind the wheel of their next car, truck or SUV. There is almost no situation we can’t solve..