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Used FFVs (Flex-Fuel Vehicles) in Austin, TX

In the past several decades, as concerns about energy derived from fossil fuels has grown, automakers have developed several alternatives to the burning of gasoline. One solution to this issue was FFVs, or “Flex-Fuel Vehicles.” Such vehicles are able to run on gasoline-ethanol blends containing up to 85% ethanol (designated E85) as well as traditional unleaded gasoline.

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How are FFVs different from standard vehicles?

FFVs do not experience any performance loss when operating on E85 fuel. Some even generate more torque and horsepower with E85 than with gas. However, they do typically get 15 – 27% fewer miles-per-gallon when using E85. This is because ethanol contains less energy per volume than gasoline.

The engine and fuel-system of an FFV is modified to enable the utilization of the abovementioned alternative fuels. Otherwise, however, they are the same as models powered by pure gasoline.

Are FFVs better for the environment?

Flex-fuel vehicles are typically viewed as being a way to lower humanity’s dependence on fossil fuels and lower one’s carbon footprint. This point of view is controversial, with some holding the opinion that using corn for fuel (which is what ethanol is derived from) is more damaging to the environment than using gas. One benefit, however, is that the amount of fossil fuel on the planet is finite, while corn-based fuel is presumably renewable.

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