Used Heavy-Duty Trucks in Austin, TX

A photo of a used RAM 2500 parked in the wilderness.

Pickup trucks are among the most flexible vehicle platforms in the world. Trucks were originally designed as work vehicles and that legacy has largely remained unchanged. This is especially true for the lineup of used heavy-duty pickup trucks in Austin, TX that may be available at any Third Coast Auto Group location. As the designation implies, a heavy-duty pickup truck is built to work very hard. The various automakers competing in this narrow segment often provide trucks with the most powerful powertrain available, upfitted components for the axles and suspension and bold exterior styling. The inventory is always shifting. If someone doesn’t find what you are looking for on the first visit, they will definitely want to make another trip.

Customers can find out what is available at any Third Coast Auto Group dealership today if they make an appointment with a product expert at the nearest Third Coast Auto Group location.

What do heavy-duty trucks have to offer?

The original ‘Big 3’ automakers have all but perfected the design and production of heavy-duty pickup trucks. Almost without exception, a heavy-duty pickup truck will feature a very capable V-8 engine. Some may be equipped with turbocharging or supercharging technology, giving the truck a boost in torque which is important for towing.

This brings us to our next point, the large majority of people looking for a heavy-duty pickup truck will have greater-than-normal towing needs for heavy components or moving heavy equipment. Depending on the model that a Third Coast Auto Group customer chooses to take home, they could be able to pull loads of more than 10 tons or 20,000 pounds. As if that is not impressive enough, several heavy-duty pickup trucks can haul more than 6,500 pounds of payload in the cargo box.

How efficient are heavy-duty trucks?

Customers who plan on using a heavy-duty pickup truck for commercial purposes will want to consider a diesel-powered platform. Diesel engines are naturally more efficient than those using gasoline, something that will be very important to business owners. It’s also worth noting that modern diesel engines are cleaner and better for the environment than previous generations.