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Where can I find fuel-efficient pre-owned vehicles near Round Rock, TX?

Monday, June 5th, 2023
A person filling gas in a car

Purchase Used Fuel-Efficient Vehicles at Third Coast Auto Group

Are you planning to purchase a used vehicle at an affordable price? If so, you may find loads of options in the market. But keep in mind that being easy on the pocket, just with the used car price tag, may not be the most effective way to have a budget-friendly vehicle ownership experience. At Third Coast Auto Group, we have a wide range of exciting fuel-efficient used cars you can buy in Round Rock, TX!


How to Identify and Replace Your Vehicle’s Battery at Home

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023
Vehicle Battery Replacement by a technician

Test and Replace Bad Car Battery – DIY 

A vehicle’s battery is a crucial component that delivers the necessary electrical power to start the engine and operate various systems. However, car batteries can deteriorate, leading to issues and electrical malfunctions. Vehicle owners must identify signs of a failing battery and know how to replace it when necessary.  


Maximizing the Lifespan of Your Used Vehicle: Tips and Tricks

Thursday, April 20th, 2023
Woman cleaning car's dashboard

How to Extend the Life of Your Used Vehicle 

Whether you’ve recently purchased a pre-owned vehicle or have been driving one for years, there are plenty of ways to extend its lifespan and keep it running smoothly. From regular maintenance to smart driving habits, this blog by Third Coast Auto Group in Austin, TX, will provide you with all the tips and tricks for maximizing the lifespan of your used vehicle. 


How to Properly Test Drive a Car?

Tuesday, March 21st, 2023
A woman inside a newly purchased car

Important Instructions to Follow When Test Driving a Car

Do you have plans to purchase a new vehicle? The stakes are high when buying a vehicle, which is a significant decision. To subsequently be content with your decision, you must make the right choice now. You can proceed with the purchase from what you learned during the test drive about your ideal car. You can narrow your choices and streamline the purchasing process with assistance. To find out the important instructions that you need to follow when you are test-driving a car, keep reading this blog from the Third Coast Auto Group dealership in Austin, Texas.


Here are Some Effective Windshield Wiper Care Tips

Thursday, March 2nd, 2023
Car windshield wipers

Follow these Effective Ways to Maintain Your Windshield Wipers

One of the most crucial components of your car is the wiper blades. Nevertheless, many car owners ignore or pay little attention to these essential parts, putting themselves at risk without realizing it. Whether there is snow, rain, or dirt on your windscreen, if these devices aren’t working correctly, your visibility could be substantially hindered, which is dangerous! When you next service your car, remember to take care of your windscreen wipers since the Third Coast Auto Group dealership in Austin, TX, wants to keep our customers safe.


Video: Learn About Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioner and Heating Systems

Tuesday, February 21st, 2023
A person operating the air conditioner

How Do Air Conditioner and Heating Systems Work in Your Vehicle?  

We can all agree that heating and cooling systems elevate your comfort while traveling. You can learn more about it by watching the video below. For more details, contact Third Coast Auto Group, our dealership in Austin, TX.   


How to Prevent Your Vehicle’s Engine from Overheating: Tips and Tricks

Monday, February 20th, 2023
Vehicle servicing

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Engine Cool  

At Third Coast Auto Group, we believe in the power of conversation. We overheard a conversation between Tom and Jim discussing preventing engine overheating. This sparked an idea to share the tips with you. This blog will dive deeper into their conversation, discuss key takeaways, and provide additional information to keep your engine running smoothly. Whether you’re a first-time vehicle owner or a seasoned driver, keep reading to learn how to prevent engine overheating and keep your car in top condition.  


Video: Learn to Boost Your Car’s Fuel Economy

Monday, February 13th, 2023
Mechanic posing with a tool

How to Improve Your Vehicle’s Gas Mileage  

If you’re wondering how to improve your vehicle’s gas mileage, we have something interesting for you. Watch the video below to learn some basic maintenance techniques that can help burn less fuel. For more details, contact Third Coast Auto Group, our dealership in Austin, TX.  


How to Maintain Your Car Brake System

Friday, February 10th, 2023
One mechanic is working on the brake system of a car.

4 Useful Tips to Take Care of Your Car Brakes

One of a car’s most crucial safety components is its brake system. The function of the brake system is to stop the vehicle within the smallest possible distance. During this process, there is the conversion of the kinetic energy of the car into heat energy. The heat energy is dissipated into the atmosphere. There are different categories of the brake system, such as mechanical brake, hydraulic brake, disc brake, etc. Like any other component of your car, the brake system also needs regular maintenance. Continue reading this blog by the Third Coast Auto Group dealership in Austin, TX, to learn about various ways to maintain your car’s brake system.


Video: Easy Steps to Clean Your Vehicle’s Tires

Monday, December 26th, 2022
A man cleaning the vehicle

How to Clean Your Vehicle’s Wheels  

If you are wondering how to clean your vehicle’s dirty wheels, there is something interesting for you. Watch the video below to learn about cleaning your wheels in easy steps. For more details, you can contact Third Coast Auto Group, our dealership in Austin, TX.