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Explore Top Used Mazda Vehicles at Third Coast Auto

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2024
Side view of a used car on the road

Used Mazda Models in Austin, TX 

If you’re cruising around Austin, TX, looking for a fantastic deal on a used car, look no further than Third Coast Auto Group Austin, TX. Our inventory of used Mazda is sure to impress. Whether you’re new to the car market or a seasoned shopper, you’ll find affordable used vehicles that fit your needs and budget.  


Everything You Need to Know About Leasing Used Cars in Austin, TX!

Wednesday, June 26th, 2024
A couple in a vehicle

Can Used Cars Be Leased in Austin, Texas?  

So, are you thinking about leasing used cars? Perfect choice! Leasing used cars can be smart, especially if you’re looking for affordability and flexibility. Third Coast Auto Group in Austin, TX, has got you covered with a range of affordable used vehicles. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of leasing used cars and why it might just be the best option for you. Keep reading for more details.  


Are Oil Changes Included in Car Lease Agreements?

Wednesday, June 12th, 2024
A serviceman pouring oil into a car engine using a funnel

Can You Get an Oil Change in Texas as Part of a Car Lease Deal?  

Maintaining your car is a lot of work. But it is crucial to do so! But how do you do that without breaking a sweat? Or your pockets, for that matter? Regular maintenance is the key, and oil change is integral to that process. But what if you plan on leasing a car for the long term? Would you have to pay for oil change expenses out of your pocket again, or will you get an oil change in Texas as part of a car lease deal? At Third Coast Auto Group in Austin, TX, we break down what a car lease deal covers. Read on to learn more.  


Where Can I Buy a Used Chevrolet near Austin, TX?

Monday, May 29th, 2023
Front view of 2022 Chevrolet Trax driving on road

Purchase a top-quality used Chevrolet Vehicle in Austin, TX.

Drivers around the world have been adoring the all-American Chevrolet brand due to its elegantly muscular exterior body design and its impressive performance. The company was formed by two passionate drivers, Louis Chevrolet, and Arthur Chevrolet, over a century ago, which now turned out to be one of the leading automakers in the world. Check out this page on where to buy good quality used Chevrolet vehicles at Third Coast Auto Group in Austin, TX.


Finding a Reliable Seller in Austin, Texas: Guide to Purchasing a Used 2021 Chevrolet Spark

Monday, April 17th, 2023
A red 2021 Chevrolet Spark parked outside a house.

Where Can I Buy a Used 2021 Chevrolet Spark in Austin, Texas?  

Purchasing a used 2021 Chevrolet Spark can be an intelligent decision for those seeking a reliable and cost-effective vehicle. The Chevrolet Spark is renowned for its fuel efficiency, spacious cabin, and easy-to-handle design. By purchasing a used model, you can take advantage of these features while saving money on the initial purchase. This used subcompact car offers great value for money. So, if you’re someone looking to buy a used 2021 Chevrolet Spark in Texas, please feel free to contact Third Coast Group.  


How to Properly Test Drive a Car?

Tuesday, March 21st, 2023
A woman inside a newly purchased car

Important Instructions to Follow When Test Driving a Car

Do you have plans to purchase a new vehicle? The stakes are high when buying a vehicle, which is a significant decision. To subsequently be content with your decision, you must make the right choice now. You can proceed with the purchase from what you learned during the test drive about your ideal car. You can narrow your choices and streamline the purchasing process with assistance. To find out the important instructions that you need to follow when you are test-driving a car, keep reading this blog from the Third Coast Auto Group dealership in Austin, Texas.


What are some of the best movie theaters in the Austin TX area?

Friday, June 25th, 2021
This is the image of one of the best movie theaters in the austin TX area

Movie theatres have undergone a significant transformation, right from small rolling-image boxes to mobile-theatres in sub-urbs to a single-screens and finally ruling multiplexes. With a market cap of $6.3 Bn, the movie theatre industry in the United States is growing and continuing to do so at an exponential rate. Movie theatres in the Austin, TX area are not behind in any way.


What Are the Best Parks in the Austin, Texas Area?

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021
A Family enjoying in a park and kids running happily in front

The best parks for families in Austin, TX

Are you thinking about some quality time with your family and friends? How does a peaceful park sound to you? We here at Third Coast Auto are thinking about going on some nature-filled expedition and recreation in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas. When this beautiful state has this much to offer, why should we think of long weekend getaways as we have it right here around us? 


A clean car is a happy car, check out these businesses

Thursday, April 15th, 2021
A person washing their vehicle with a microfiber cloth.

Best Car Detailing Services near Austin, TX 

There is a lot of pride to be had when someone buys a vehicle. Even if it isn’t the latest model year, or it might have a few extra miles on the odometer, that car, truck or SUV is yours and you likely want the best for it. A major part of taking care of a vehicle is keeping it clean. You certainly can wash your vehicle yourself in the driveway, in fact, we’ll have some tips on that later, but if you’re short on time, you might be looking for businesses that offer the best car detailing services near Austin, TX. The product experts at Third Coast Auto Group came up with a list of a few of their favorite places to take their vehicles. Let’s take a closer look at what they came up with.  (more…)

A low credit score can make just about everything more expensive, including insurance

Tuesday, March 9th, 2021
A stock photo showing a $100-dollar bill and toy car sitting on an insurance form.

Can bad credit affect how much car insurance will cost? 

One of the unfortunate realities of life is that a less-than-perfect credit score can make things more difficult and expensive. This is especially true when it comes to buying a car. However, that isn’t the only area where a low credit rating can raise the cost of things. Can bad credit affect how much car insurance will cost? In the state of Texas, unfortunately, the answer is yes. According to the financial website,, people on the lowest end of the credit scale can up to more than $3,700 per year in insurance premiums versus people with better credit scores. Let’s take a look at some information you might find helpful.  (more…)