The Truth About Gas Mileage: Dispelling Common Myths

By Product Expert | Posted in Service on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023 at 6:27 am
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Debunking Common Myths Surrounding Gas Mileage  

Gas mileage, or fuel efficiency, is crucial for every vehicle owner. With the rising cost of fuel and growing concerns about environmental sustainability, it’s essential to separate fact from fiction regarding gas mileage. In this blog by Third Coast Auto Group, we will debunk some common myths surrounding gas mileage, providing you with accurate information to help you maximize your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.  

Myth 1: Premium Fuel and Gas Mileage  

Contrary to popular belief, using premium fuel doesn’t enhance gas mileage for most vehicles. While it may benefit high-performance models, regular unleaded gasoline is typically recommended. Stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid unnecessary expenses with no significant mileage gains.  

Myth 2: Size Isn’t Everything   

While smaller cars generally boast better fuel efficiency, it’s not guaranteed. Factors like engine technology, weight, aerodynamics, and driving habits influence gas mileage. Don’t solely rely on size—consider the specific model and its fuel efficiency ratings for an accurate assessment.  

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Myth 3: Idling vs. Restarting   

Leaving your engine idling for over a minute is a common misconception regarding fuel efficiency. In reality, idling consumes more fuel than restarting the engine. Shutting off your engine during prolonged stops, like at train crossings or in heavy traffic, is a more economical choice.  

Myth 4: Automatic Transmission’s Advancement   

Gone are the days when manual transmission vehicles were unquestionably more fuel-efficient. Modern automatic transmissions, equipped with advanced technology, often outperform their manual counterparts. Some even offer manual shifting modes, improving fuel efficiency without compromising convenience.  

Myth 5: Fuel Additives and Fuel Efficiency  

Fuel additives promising enhanced fuel efficiency through system cleaning or improved combustion are met with skepticism. While marginal benefits may exist in specific scenarios, their overall impact on gas mileage is negligible. Prioritize regular vehicle maintenance, such as air filter changes, tire pressure checks, and timely oil changes, for noticeable improvements.  

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By debunking these gas mileage myths, you can make informed decisions to maximize your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Opt for the recommended fuel type, consider various factors beyond size, avoid unnecessary idling, and stay updated on transmission technology advancements. You can enjoy cost savings while contributing to a sustainable future with accurate knowledge. Make sure you visit our dealership to view our wide range of pre-owned vehicles. Our sales staff will help you with our financing options