Should you drive on a flat tire?

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks on Wednesday, August 16th, 2017 at 6:24 pm
what happens if you drive with a flat tire?

What happens if you drive with a flat tire? 

A flat tire can completely ruin your day. Not only will you not be able to get where you need to go on time, you’ll likely end up paying for an expensive new tire, and if you don’t know how to change your tire, you’ll need to call a tow truck. If you don’t react to a flat tire the right way, it could make your already bad day worse.  

When your drive with a flat tire, you can do costly damage to your vehicle. The tire is the only thing separating your vehicle from the road. Driving for a long time at a fast speed on a flat tire can damage not only your tires but also the rim. For the most part, if you drive over something like a screw and your tire goes flat, the problem can be fixed by patching the hole. If you drive on the flat, it can damage the tire further, leaving you with the need for a replacement.  

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The dangers of driving with a flat tire Woman calling for assistance with flat tire on car in the city

If your tire goes flat while you’re driving, it can be not only bad for your vehicle, but also dangerous for you. Driving on a flat can make it difficult to keep your vehicle going in a straight line, as it will pull to one side. A flat tire in inclement weather could cause you to lose control of your vehicle and cause damage to not only you but other drivers on the road.  

Driving with a flat tire can be dangerous, but stopping to change your tire is also dangerous. If possible, you should try to get your vehicle to the nearest safe place. Sometimes the next safe spot is far away. You should be able to drive your car a little bit on the flat tire without doing too much damage to the rim if you go slowly.  

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3 Responses to “Should you drive on a flat tire?”

  1. Raj Sharma says:

    Thanks for sharing such informative article.Safety comes first.As you said right,It will be very dangerous to drive the car if the wheel has become flat it could led to the accidents.Its very important to keep a spare tyres in case of emergency .Very informative article.

  2. Albert A Culmer says:

    I came up with a great idea in case you have a flat tire because of a slow leak. And I also made a video to show you what to do in case that happens to you.

  3. Ellie Davis says:

    Safety comes first when you talk about a flat tire. You could even ruin your tire and the rim if you drive with a flat tire, and also is potentially dangerous for you and your family. In my opinion, if you find yourself in that situation you need to find a safe place quickly to change the tire or wait for tire services.