Save money by driving for the best mileage every day!

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks on Friday, April 28th, 2017 at 7:21 pm
Fuel-Efficient Driving Tips for Every Day

Fuel-Efficient Driving Tips for Every Day

Everyone wants to save money, and if you have a long daily commute getting gas can be a significant expense. Whether gas prices are high or low, driving efficiently can reduce what you spend at the pump in the long run. Here are a few fuel-efficient driving tips for every day that can save you money (and in many cases be better on your car!)

Don’t stomp on the gas

cars driving down the highway on the daily commuteWhile it can be tempting to hit the gas pedal as hard as you can when getting up to highway speeds, that’s not the best way to conserve fuel. Gentle acceleration (when possible) is better on your mileage and on your engine.

Use cruise (and cruise at the speed limit)

Sticking to the speed limit (or a little below it) is better for your mileage. Depending on your vehicle, you may be able to improve  you gas mileage by one or two miles per gallon just by driving 60 mph or less on the highway. You of course should use your judgement about whether or not that is a good idea on your daily commute or likely to end in an accident.

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Avoid sudden braking

Sudden braking can be rough on your rotors and calipers and also cost you fuel. Unless you have an electric or hybrid engine, stomping on the brake pedal costs you. If you can, anticipate traffic to avoid both sudden braking and sudden acceleration.

Other tricks to save on gas

There are ways to save on gas without worrying about changing your driving patters. Improving your aerodynamics by removing bike racks and leaving your windows up on the highway can help reduce how much fuel you use. Aerodynamics are so important that some car grilles are even designed to close at high speeds!

You can also save money by avoiding habitually more expensive gas stations, like those right next to major highways. Gas stations in town are often cheaper, even for the same kind of gas!