How many cases of the coronavirus are in Austin, TX?

By Product Expert | Posted in Community, News, Safety, Texas on Friday, April 3rd, 2020 at 12:05 am
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Travis Country Coronavirus Infection Rates

The coronavirus has hit the US hard, with currently more (reported and confirmed) cases here than anywhere else in the world. But the intensity currently varies quite a bit from place to place, with New York and NYC being the unfortunate first epicenter.

How many cases (and deaths) have there been so far in the Austin and Travis Country area?

As of this writing, Austin and Travis County have had 305 confirmed cases, and three deaths. As is to be expected, the case count steadily rose throughout the last week of March 2020.

What age are the people getting COVID-19 in Travis County?

The majority of COVID-19 cases in the Austin area have been on those between ages 20 and 29, with the number currently standing at 84 cases. Next is the 30-39 age group, with 71 cases. Only one baby has gotten the virus, while there have been two cases of children aged one to nine and five teenagers aged ten to nineteen.

The elderly cases have also been fewer, with 21 in the 60 to 69 group, 13 in the 70 to 79, and just ten for those 80 and older. Gender-wise, the results have been pretty evenly split between male and female.

What is the most infected area of Travis County?

Within Travis County, case density has been highest within Austin itself, with the densest region being the 78705 zip code, from which 31 cases have currently come.

How many COVID-19 cases have there been in Texas?

As of this writing, Texas has 4,720 confirmed cases of COVID-19. There are 72 deaths from the virus in the state. As a whole, the USA has so far had 234,462 confirmed cases, and 5,607 deaths from COVID-19.

How can I keep myself and others safe from COVID-19 in Austin?

To further curb the spread of the virus, the main recommendations right now are to continue practicing the oft-repeated guidelines of social distancing, frequent handwashing and minimal face-touching. And of course, #stayhome as much as possible.