How to Maintain the Braking System of Your Car

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks on Tuesday, November 28th, 2023 at 8:40 am
The braking system of a car is shown.

A Guide to Maintaining Your Car’s Braking System

Your car’s braking system is arguably its most critical safety feature. Regular maintenance not only ensures your safety on the road but also extends the life of your vehicle. In this blog by the Third Coast Auto Group dealership in Austin, TX, we will walk you through the steps to maintain your car’s braking system.

  • Routine inspections are the cornerstone of brake system maintenance. Do a visual inspection of the brake system periodically, and if you find any impairment, get it serviced by a professional urgently.
  • Brake fluid is crucial for the proper functioning of your braking system. Over time, brake fluid can accumulate moisture, reducing its effectiveness. Follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations for the frequency of brake fluid flushes. This procedure helps maintain optimal brake performance and prevents corrosion within the braking system.
  • Worn-out brake pads compromise your car’s stopping power. Replace them as soon as they reach the manufacturer’s recommended thickness.
  • If your brake rotors show signs of wear, consider resurfacing or replacing them. Resurfacing smoothens the rotor surface, while replacement ensures optimal braking performance.
  • Brake calipers house the brake pads and play a crucial role in braking. Inspect calipers for any signs of damage or malfunction, such as leaks or uneven wear—Lubricate caliper slide pins to ensure smooth movement.
  • Air can enter the brake system, affecting its efficiency. Bleeding the brakes removes air bubbles, maintaining the hydraulic integrity of the braking system.
  • Maintaining your car’s braking system is not only a matter of vehicle longevity but, more importantly, it’s about ensuring your and your passengers’ safety on the road.

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The braking system of a car is shown.
The braking system of a car is shown.

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