What’s the most popular car in Texas?

By Product Expert | Posted in Ford, Honda, Toyota on Monday, January 7th, 2019 at 12:10 pm
A blue 2019 Ford F-150 pulls a big camper through a ranch.

Texans’ Favorite Vehicle(s)

We’ve often wondered at the question: what’s the most popular car here in Texas? Is it really the pickup truck, the vehicle we’re so commonly associated with? Or does a sedan or SUV take the real lead? Well, we decided to delve into this all-important issue, and found that, unfortunately, the answer is not completely straightforward.

Front interior of a 2019 Honda Civic Coupe.

Conflicting Reports

According to information from everquote.com, collected in 2018, the Toyota Camry is the most common vehicle in Texas, which mirrors nationwide data showing the Camry as the most-owned car in the U.S. However, a 2016 Kelley Blue Book survey reported that the top-selling vehicle in Texas is the Ford F-150; this would make sense, as it’s also said that Texans buy one out of every six full-size pickups sold in the U.S. Meanwhile, insurify.com claims the Honda Civic as the most popular in vehicle in Texas.

This puzzling difference in results is likely due to the different data collection methods used. EverQuote based its conclusion on the number of drivers requesting quotes on their vehicles. Kelley Blue Book appears to have relied on sales numbers, and Insurify based its conclusion on insurance quote data, in which drivers were asked which vehicle make and model they currently owned.

Find Your Dream Car Today in Austin TX

Luckily, we offer all three of these vehicles here at Third Coast Auto Group, and we can tell you their popularity with Texans is certainly well-deserved! The Toyota Camry is great for drivers who want a vehicle that’s easy to maintain, cheap to repair, and provides reliable, affordable, comfortable transportation.

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The Ford F-150 has long been a favorite among the many fans of off-roading and other trucky activities in the state. Of course, it’s a very practical choice for rural residents and ranch owners that need to haul tools, trailers, hay, or furniture. Ford appreciates the value of it’s Texas fanbase so much that it has long offered Texas-specific versions of its best-selling truck.

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And finally, the Honda Civic: an athletic, affordable compact sedan. People describe it as simply fun to drive and easy to like. It boasts responsive handling, a comfortable interior, and an excellent fuel economy; truly an enjoyable way to zip to and fro across this vast state.

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Interested in giving any of these vehicles a try and seeing just why we love them so much? Simply contact us today to schedule a test drive, apply for financing, or get more information.