How will the Texas heat affect your car?

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks on Thursday, February 9th, 2017 at 10:19 pm
Angry man looking from a vehicle

Ways to prepare your car for hot weather

The hot Texas weather can have a variety of effects on your car, sometimes in ways that can be damaging. To help your car survive the heat, try out these ways to prepare your car for hot weather. The hot weather can affect your car in many unexpected ways, and proper preparation is important.

Run your windshield washer

Man holding a battery

Man holding a battery

This might seem like an odd suggestion, but it has to do more with your wipers than your windshield. The hot sun can sometimes melt the blades of your windshield wipers, causing them to stick to your windshield. Regularly running your windshield washer can help cool down and unstick the blades.

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Check your fluid levels

This is never a bad idea, even it the weather is not Texas hot, but the heat amplifies the importance. When the weather is warmer, liquids evaporate faster. Keeping your car parked in a garage, out of the heat and the sun can help with this issue.

The most important fluid to watch is your engine oil. A hot engine requires more lubrication, which means the oil has to work harder. Be sure to keep your oil fresh so your car continues to run well.

Replace older batteries

Hot weather will place an increased amount of stress on your battery. This is even more of an issue with an older battery. Be sure to replace your battery every few years if you are consistently driving in a warmer climate.

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