A clean car is a happy car, check out these businesses

By Product Expert | Posted in Texas, Tips and Tricks, Trucks, Used Cars on Thursday, April 15th, 2021 at 7:44 pm
A person washing their vehicle with a microfiber cloth.

Best Car Detailing Services near Austin, TX 

There is a lot of pride to be had when someone buys a vehicle. Even if it isn’t the latest model year, or it might have a few extra miles on the odometer, that car, truck or SUV is yours and you likely want the best for it. A major part of taking care of a vehicle is keeping it clean. You certainly can wash your vehicle yourself in the driveway, in fact, we’ll have some tips on that later, but if you’re short on time, you might be looking for businesses that offer the best car detailing services near Austin, TX. The product experts at Third Coast Auto Group came up with a list of a few of their favorite places to take their vehicles. Let’s take a closer look at what they came up with. 

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Auto Detailing Austin 

1601 Bench Mark Dr.  Ste. B 
Austin, TX 
Google Score: 4.9/5 Stars 

Taurus Auto Detailing 

10421 Old Manchaca Rd. No. 200 
Austin, TX 
Google Score: 4.9/5 Stars 

ATX Auto Detail 

3005 S. Lamar Blvd Ste. D-109 
Austin, TX 
Google Score: 5/5 Stars 

Austin Detailing 

12406 Technology Blvd 
Austin, TX 
Google Score: 4.8/5 Stars 

ProReflection Austin Auto Detail 

501 W Powell Ln. No. 208 
Austin, TX 
Google Score: 4.9/5 Stars 

Hall of Fame Detail 

7700 W Parmer Ln 
Austin, TX 
Google Score: 4.9/5 Stars 

Home Vehicle Detailing Best Practices 

You would think that washing a car, truck or SUV would as easy as washing anything else – soap, water, sponge. However, a mistake in using the wrong detergents or using the wrong towel can easily damage the vehicle’s finish. Here are few tips that might be helpful. 

• Only use detergents and soaps that are specifically designed for automobiles. Dish soap can be ok if not thing else is available, but it can cause damage to clear coat and/or cause a build-up of its own. 

• Don’t use old towels for scrubbing or drying your vehicle, these can hold on to dirt or grit that may cause unsightly swirls in the paint. Invest in a microfiber mitt or cloth. 

• Apply water and soap starting at the top of the vehicle and working your way down toward the ground. Then, wash from front to back. This will ensure the surface of the vehicle is wet and any dry contaminants don’t cause unnecessary damage to the paint. 

Feel free to reach out to Third Coast Auto Group if you need help getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.