Looking for some public off-road driving trails in Texas? We can help!

By Product Expert | Posted in Just for Fun, News on Monday, April 19th, 2021 at 2:36 pm
A desert landscape with criss-crossing tire tracks.

Public Off-Road Trails in Texas 

There is a rugged beauty to the Texas landscape that has to be seen to be properly appreciated. The best way to experience that beauty is to load up a truck or other off-road-ready platform and hit the trails. However, finding places that will allow anyone to visit isn’t always easy. There are more than a few off-road driving enthusiasts at Third Coast Auto Group. These are a few of the public off-road trails in Texas that you might enjoy. Before you visit any of these facilities, make sure your vehicle is mechanically sound and that you know how to handle any surprises that might happen along the way. Let’s see what our team came up with. 

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Northwest OHV Park 

279 George Mitchell Pkwy. 
Bridgeport, TX 
Google Score: 4.6/5 Stars 

Barnwell Mountain Rec. Area 

6284 TX-155 
Gilmer, TX 
Google Score: 4.8/5 Stars 

Creekside Off-Road Ranch 

13580 US-59 BUS 
Splendora, TX 
Google Score: 4.6/5 Stars 

General Sam’s Offroad Park 

224 Bishop Rd. 
Huntsville, TX 
Google Score: 4.4/5 Stars 

Wolf Caves Off-Road Park 

7966 US-377 
Mason, TX 
Google Scores: 4.9/5 Stars 

Gator Run Offroad Park 

County Rd 2211 
Tatum, TX 
Google Scores: 4.1/5 Stars 

Tips for First-Time Off-Road Drivers 

It would be irresponsible and probably more than somewhat dangerous to just jump in your vehicle and hit some trails. There are few things first-time off-road drivers need to consider. First and foremost, identify the kind of off-roading you’re going to be doing.  

Light Trails — Unpaved or otherwise rough road.  
Overlanding — Not technically difficult but does involve driving in desolate areas with little infrastructure. 
MuddingThis will get your vehicle dirty. Most trails will require four-wheel-drive and all-terrain tires
Rock Crawling — A specialized version of off-road driving. This will definitely require a modified vehicle. 

If you want to start the process of modifying a vehicle for a new kind of off-road driving, ask a Third Coast Auto Group product expert what we have available to start with.