What are the 2019 Requirements to Drive for Uber or Lyft in Austin, Texas?

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Can I drive my car for Uber or Lyft in Austin, Texas?

At this point, most of us have used Uber or Lyft, or at the very least heard of them. It seems like a pretty sweet gig, just driving your car around in your free time and getting paid for it. You get to learn more about the neat places all around Austin and meet some cool people. Plus, both Uber and Lyft have good protection plans for their drivers.

The question, then, is what 2019 requirements does my car have to meet to drive for Uber or Lyft in Austin?

Where to Find Affordable Uber and Lyft Eligible Vehicles near Austin, TX


We’ll go over Lyft first, as they have fewer variables.Keys and money sitting on table

  1.  Car must be a 2010 model or newer
  2.  Car must have (at least) 4 doors
  3.  Car must contain 5-8 seats, including the driver’s.
  4.  Valid License Plate

If you wanted to drive for Lyft Lux, then you’ll need a high-end sedan or SUV with leather upholstery. Lyft Lux Black has the same requirements, but with a black exterior for those serious V.I.P. vibes.

Unlike Uber, Lyft does not explicitly prohibit vehicles with cosmetic damage; however, they state that a Lyft Lux vehicle is to be kept “clean on the inside and polished on the outside,” which implies cosmetic damage is a no-no.

Trying to keep your Lux ride exterior spotless, but you’re not quite sure how? Check whether you can use a pressure washer when washing your vehicle.



Uber has many categories, all with different requirements. We’ll stick to the base and luxury categories. Uber also has a delivery service with lax requirements that we’ll note here.

  1.  Car must be a 2004 model or newer
  2.  Car must have (at least) 4 doors
  3.  No cosmetic damage
  4.  No commercial branding
  5.  In general, vehicle must be a sedan, qualifying hatchback, or SUV

The Lux option requires leather upholstery and 4 open seats. In addition, drivers must have a partner rating of 4.75 or higher in order to ensure high passenger satisfaction.

The Delivery option transfers things, not people, and thus the requirements are much lower.

  1.  Car must be a 1998 model or newer
  2.  Car can be 2 or 4-door
  3.  Salvaged vehicles allowed

Want to upgrade to an eligible ride?

Use our trade-in calculator and secure credit approval to see how much you can get towards your new vehicle. Afterwards, shoot the breeze with one of our friendly sales associates to learn more about that vehicle you’ve had your eye on.

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