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What documents do I need to buy a used car in Texas?

Saturday, July 13th, 2019
A salesman shakes the hand of a customer who sits with a woman, presumably his wife.

Required Paperwork for a Used Vehicle Purchase

If you’re buying a used car in Texas, you might be wondering what documents you should bring to the dealership in order to make your purchase. Well, we’re here to help, and hopefully guide you on the right path for maximum convenience. Read on to find out what documents are needed when buying a used car in Texas. (more…)

Do I qualify for vehicle credit approval in Austin, TX?

Monday, July 8th, 2019
A man gazes placidly at an iMac monitor that reads "No Credit Score."

Credit Approval and Financing Assistance in Austin

Regardless of whatever has happened in your past, owning a vehicle is near-essential to living daily life in the USA. There’s not too many other ways to navigate these wide stretches of land in the way that modern life demands. However, some people have had credit or financial issues that prevent them from qualifying to finance a vehicle purchase.

If you think you might have this issue, don’t despair – we have a special tool to allow you to find out if your qualify easily, and it can all be done online. So read on and find out if you qualify for vehicle credit approval in Austin! (more…)

Can parents give teens their Texas driving test?

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019
A woman learns to drive with an instructor who may or not be her father.

Driver’s License Testing Regulations in Texas

With license-test facilities in Texas becoming more-and-more overloaded with traffic (both vehicular and pedestrian), some parents are looking for alternative options. One movement that’s started gaining some traction is the possibility of parents teaching and testing their own teens for their driver’s license. This practice, after all, was legal in Texas until 2009.

What is the status right now? Can parents give teens their Texas driving test? (more…)

Why is being in the right gear in a car important?

Sunday, June 30th, 2019
A hand grips a gear shift knob as sunlight beams through the windshield.

Why Shifting Gears is a Thing

Many of those among us who are not naturally mechanically inclined have likely thought at some time or another, “why does a car have to have gears, anyway? Why can’t it just run without that weird little addition?”

Although in our modern age of automatic transmissions, the “inconvenience” of gear-shifting is not anything like it used to be (though you may be confused by the extra speeds on an automatic), it can still be a curiosity as to why multiple gears are necessary for a vehicle. Why is it important to be in the right gear when driving? (more…)

When should I use stage 2 car seats?

Tuesday, June 25th, 2019
A baby is strapped into a car seat by his parent. Though it grmiaces, the baby has a decent attitude.

Car Seats: When to Move to the Next Stage

Car Seats for children are generally categorized into four different stages, with the fifth and final stage being the movement to a full-fledged adult vehicle seat. Most of us probably have a vague memory of the pride we felt as a kid when we finally got to sit without a car seat, and even moreso when we were allowed to sit up front next to the driver.

But long before that stage arrives, kids go through the car seat phases. When is the right time to move onto a stage two car seat? (more…)

Where is the best place to buy used cars in Austin, TX?

Thursday, June 20th, 2019
Rows of vehicles on a used car lot.

Where to Buy Used Cars in Austin, TX

When shopping for a used car, it’s safe to say that most people want a place where they can get fair prices, quality vehicles, and great financing options. It can be hard to find such a dream dealership- does it even exist?

Well, we’ve got good news: the dream used-car dealership does exist, and it’s known as Third Coast Auto Group! Third Coast Auto Group offers an expansive inventory across several convenient locations in Austin and the surrounding area. There are a wide variety of brands and vehicle types, with excessively flexible financing options. (more…)

What size tires will fit my car?

Saturday, June 15th, 2019
Close up on the back left tire and wheel of a sporty looking vehicle.

How to Determine Tire Size for Your Vehicle

It’s not often that we drivers have to change our vehicle’s tires, so when the time comes to get some new ones, it can be a bit intimidating. However, it’s important not to dilly-dally and to get those tires changed promptly, as driving on worn tire can be both dangerous and damaging to your vehicle.

Part of purchasing new tires, if you want to take matters more into your own hands, is finding out what size tires your vehicle needs. We’re going to help you find the answer to that commonly asked question: “what size tires will fit my car?” (more…)

Can a sedan be a convertible?

Monday, June 10th, 2019
A white 2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata is parked near the ocean

Meaning of Sedan Vs. Convertible

Vehicle classifications can get confusing. It seems like all sorts of names are batted around to describe the latest rides, with new ones coming out all the time. What once seemed like a simple matter of describing a vehicle’s body style has now become more complex and seemingly contradictory.

But through it all, some terms have remained common, such as “sedan” and “convertible.” What do these two descriptors mean, and can a sedan be a convertible? (more…)