Are you basing your car-buying decisions on outdated information

By Product Expert | Posted in Just for Fun, Tips and Tricks on Monday, November 16th, 2020 at 3:01 pm
A stock photo of a gear lever in a vehicle with a manual transmission.

Are cars with a manual transmission more fuel-efficient? 

In the 100-plus years automobiles have been in production, the platform has come such a long way. Even the changes made in the 10 to 15 years can make a car buyer’s head spin. One question that gets asked quite a bit at Third Coast Auto Group showroom is, ‘Are cars with a manual transmission more fuel-efficient?’ Like so many other things in the automotive world, this is one of those things that started off true but has since changed. In fact, modern automatic transmissions can offer so much more than just strong fuel economy scores and manual transmissions are becoming rarer. Let’s take a look at a few things you might need to know for your search for a new (to you) vehicle. 

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While the automatic gear-changer was quite the innovation in the automotive world, early iterations of the technology were plagued with a few problems. When gears are changed, there was some energy wasted in the transfer which caused issues with both acceleration and fuel economy. These are areas where a vehicle with a manual transmission excel. Starting around 2012, automakers started implementing the continuously variable transmission which vastly improved the fuel economy of vehicles with an automatic transmission. 

Advantages of a manual transmission 

Leading product-rating publication, Consumer Reports, published a study that revealed a vehicle with a manual transmission could demonstrate a small advantage in fuel economy, in addition to having a less expensive sticker price. Of course, people who love having a vehicle with a manual transmission will say they are more fun to drive. However, that will really come down to driver preference.  

Why buy an automatic? 

There is no denying that a car, truck or SUV with an automatic transmission is going to easier to drive. The difference between an automatic and a manual will become very apparent when they are parked on a hill.  

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