Best Tips to Follow as A First-Time Car Buyer

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks on Monday, September 28th, 2020 at 8:27 pm
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Here on the Third Coast Auto Group blog, we have offered tips on what type of car to buy, the benefits of buying used, and service tips. While these tips are great for anyone who has bought a car before, it can be daunting for any first-time buyers. In today’s blog post, we will be sharing some of the best tips to follow as a first-time car buyer.

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How to prepare for your first time buying a car

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  1. Figure out your budget and financing options. By figuring out your budget and financing options, you can avoid paying too much money every month for your vehicle. Figure out your budget by looking at your monthly expenses and monthly income. This will help you figure out how much you could afford to pay each month for your car payment.
  2. Do a lot of research. Once you have a budget set, research vehicles that fit within your budget. Automotive sites and dealerships will give you a good idea of the price you may be expected to pay. By doing research, you will also be able to find the advantages and disadvantages of a vehicle based off of reviews from auto experts and people who have owned that model.
  3. Save up for a down payment. Just like buying a home, buying a car means putting down a down payment. While 20 percent is the best down payment to shoot for, 10 percent is also acceptable if you are on a time limit. If you put more money into your down payment, your loan will be smaller, and you won’t have to pay off your vehicle as long.  

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Shop for a used car at Third Coast Auto Group

While these tips work for both new and used vehicles, we highly recommend that first-time buyers buy a used car first. Browse our online Third Coast Auto Group used vehicle inventory to find a model that fits your budget and personal requirements. For more tips about owning and buying a used car, keep following our blog.