Find Quality and Affordable Used Ford SUVs in Austin, TX

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Side view of the 2023 Ford Explorer

Check Out Top-Quality Used Ford SUVs in Austin, TX!   

Are you looking for a reliable and stylish SUV? Third Coast Auto Group offers a fantastic selection of used Ford SUVs. Known for their reliability, durability, and quality, the used Ford SUVs in Austin, TX, will make a viable purchase. You’ll find an impressive selection of affordable Ford vehicles at our dealership that fit different needs and budgets. Read on for more information.  

Why Choose a Used Ford SUV?  

Lower Insurance Rates  

One of the perks of opting for a pre-owned Ford SUV is the potential for significantly lower insurance costs. Insurance premiums are based on the vehicle’s value. Hence, used SUVs are generally less expensive to insure compared to brand-new models. This means more savings in your pocket every month.  

Monetary Savings  

Used Ford SUVs are more affordable than new ones, so you’ll save money on the initial purchase price. Additionally, registration fees are often lower for older vehicles, adding to the overall savings.


Ford manufactures durable and reliable SUVs that stand the test of time. Therefore, even a used Ford SUV is likely to provide years of dependable service if it has been well-maintained. For those wondering “what is good mileage for a used car,” it’s good to know that a well-maintained Ford can offer impressive longevity.  

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Less Depreciation  

New vehicles often lose a significant portion of their value when driven off the lot. So, buying a used Ford SUV avoids this initial depreciation, giving more value for money. At Third Coast Auto, we have Ford used cars for sale that provide excellent value without steep depreciation.  

Top Used Ford SUVs in Austin, TX  

Here are some of the top used Ford SUV models available in Austin: 

  • Explorer
  • Expedition
  • Edge
  • Escape

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Interior of the 2020 Ford Explorer
Front three-quarter view of the 2020 Ford Explorer

Buy a Used Ford SUV from Third Coast Auto  

At Third Coast Auto Group, we offer the best reliable used cars, including used Ford SUVs. Hence, our inventory includes low-mileage and some of the most reliable used cars. Whether you are checking out used cars for off-road adventures or looking for the best-used cars to buy, look no further than Third Coast Auto. Get used car financing in Austin, TX, today!