How many seats are in a sedan?

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Sedan Seating Capacity and Interior Space

Most of us have a vague mental image of what a sedan is. We can usually identify it when we see it. But when it comes down to the particulars, it can be hard to precisely elucidate them.

One of these details involves interior capacity; specifically, seats. How many seats are in a sedan?

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A sedan typically has five seats- two in front and three in back. This makes most sedans able to seat four to five people comfortably inside.

Cutaway side view of the interior of a 2020 Volkswagen Passat, showcasing the typical spacious five-seat interior of a sedan vehicle. Are sedan interiors spacious?

All five seats in a sedan are generally fairly spacious, although the middle seat in the back is typically better suited to a child or small adult (of course, some sedans have more space than others). Both a sedan and a coupe can have rear seats, but what differentiates a sedan is that the rear seats should have more than 33 cubic feet of space, whereas a coupe will have less.

Because of this, rear seats in a coupe are generally suitable only for children or very, very small adults, as opposed to sedans, which can seat multiple large individuals in comfort. On top of this, a sedan typically has a less steeply sloping roofline than a coupe, which boosts rear headroom for tall folks. Sedans tend to emphasize functionality, comfort, and practicality over more “superficial” elements like styling (though they often still look great).

What are the advantages of a sedan?

Though other types of vehicles are gaining in popularity, the sedan is still the best-selling automotive platform. This is likely because sedans have certain advantages that can be hard to do without. These include fuel economy, space, reliability, and value.

They also have great visibility: sedans don’t necessarily need a rearview camera or blind-spot monitoring system to stay safe. Simply looking around will do the trick.

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