Top 3 Places to Visit in Austin, Texas

By Product Expert | Posted in Local Post on Monday, August 30th, 2021 at 8:56 am
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What are the Best Places to Visit in Austin, Texas?

If you are a resident of Austin, Texas, then you may already know this. However, you are visiting our beautiful city and want to explore it further, then we at Third Coast Auto Group have the perfect list for you. Just give this blog post a read where we tell you the top three best places to visit in Austin, Texas.

Pennybacker Bridge

First on the list is the Pennybacker Bridge. This architectural marvel stands tall over the Colorado River, and it is a famous tourist destination of the area. You can spend an evening with your loved ones in the vicinity of this structure and let the cold breeze of the river take you to a feeling of peace and calm!


Loop 360 And Lake Austin

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Austin Postcard Mural

If you are looking to take a great selfie of yourself, then the Austin Postcard Mural is the place to be. It is a fine public art location with murals made of amazing colors and contrast. You will be left wondering about the power of human imagination. Can’t wait, can you?


1720 S 1st St

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The Broadwalk Trail at Lady Bird Lake

Located right at the banks of the Colorado River, this place is an amazing destination not only to visit, but you can also jog, work out, walk your dog, and do many other activities. The place is good for kids as well, so bring them along!


1820 S Lakeshore Blvd

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Well! There you have it. We hope that this blog post has been beneficial to you, and now, you have a much better idea about where to go once you come to Austin, Texas. If you visit our city, be sure to drop by our dealership as well. We have an impressive inventory of used cars that may pique your interest!