What are the best pubs in Austin, Texas?

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The Best Pubs in Austin, TX

A good pub is a treasure. The inexpensive comfort food, the perfect beer selection, and the laid-back atmosphere all combine into something greater than the sum of its parts. Austin is a big city, and it can be hard to know where all the best spots are. So, we decided to do the research for you and figure out which pubs the locals think are the best.

Here are the best pubs in Austin, TX.

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a large burger on a platter sitting next to a bowl of sauceBanger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden (4.5-star with 4,469 ratings)

By far the most popular pub on our list, Banger’s is a must-see if you’ve haven’t already been. Boasting Texas’s largest on-tap craft beer selection, they’ll have more than a few somethings for everyone. Their menu is a hand-crafted, meat-lover’s paradise. Their vegetarian offerings are just as high-quality. They run happy hour and Sunday brunch specials.

Black-Star Co-op (4.5-star with 1,479 ratings)

With its constantly rotating selection of 55+ unique in-house brews (and a few perennial mainstays), Black Star begs to be visited multiple times throughout the year.  Their brunch, lunch, and dinner menus are similarly curated, with each dish being a delight. That ‘Co-op’ in the name isn’t just for show. Black Star is community-owned. The building itself is incredibly eco-friendly too.

Draught House Pub & Brewery (4.6-star with 1,096 ratings)

Draught House is a beer sommelier’s haven. With several in-house brews, numerous craft domestics, and just as many European imports, you’ll be hard pressed on what to choose. Luckily, Draught House thought of this. You can check what’s on tap via their website, and—even cooler—you can check how much is in each keg. No more missing out on limited brews!

B. D. Riley’s Irish Pub Downtown & B. D. Riley’s @ Mueller (4.5-star with combined 1,759 ratings)

We cheated a bit here, because this is technically two different pubs. But that’s also why we chose them! Both B. D. Riley’s Irish Pub locations have myriad positive reviews. It’s easy to see why. Boasting a brilliant menu of classics—like fish and chips—alongside new dishes with an Irish twist—like the sauerkraut-free Reuben, B. D. Riley’s is a great place. Oh, and you can be sure that they’ll serve your pint of Guinness the proper way, just like back in Ireland.

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