Three Common Car Noises that Could Mean Trouble!

By Product Expert | Posted in FAQs on Thursday, February 2nd, 2023 at 10:05 am
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What are the Common Car Noises?  

The sounds our cars make, such as squeaks, roars, and bangs, sometimes give the impression that they are speaking in a language all their own. These are simply background noises to the inexperienced ear unless something unusual attracts our attention. Even then, it can be simple to let such sounds blend into the ground if you must be aware of what to listen for.  

Even yet, paying attention when your automobile communicates is crucial, even though understanding this automotive lingo might be challenging. Frequently, they are attempting to alert us to a problem. The subject of today’s Third Coast Auto Group blog will be determining how to speak the automobile language. Continue reading as we translate these three typical car noises that could be trouble.  

  1. Squeaking Noise When Starting Your Car  

What you hear: A loud screaming noise gradually lessens when the car starts.  

What it might signify: If your car has ever made a loud, screaming, squealing noise when you turn the key, your serpentine belt may be failing or almost done with its useful life.  

  1. When Driving Over a Bump, There Are Rattling Noises  

What you hear: When you drive over a speed bump or pothole, you’ll listen to the wheels rattling, shaking, or squeaking.  

What it might indicate: Your car’s front end is quite active. In addition to your engine, your vehicle has a suspension system with various parts that can rattle, mainly if your bushings are worn out.  

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  1. Rumbling  

What you hear: When the engine is quiet, you can listen to a low rumbling and feel vibrations.  

What it could mean: Your engine needs the correct proportion of fuel and air and a functioning spark plug to start the ignition to operate effectively. Low RPM rumbling vibrations could be caused by a deficiency in one of these components.  

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There you have it! We hope next time you hear any noise from your car, these tips will help you understand better. Also, acquiring a previously owned car is the best option if you’re planning to buy a brand-new vehicle but want to spend less money on it. The used car selection at Third Coast Auto Group is extensive.