Owning a good car with bad credit is not impossible

By Product Expert | Posted in FAQs, Finance on Wednesday, April 21st, 2021 at 2:36 pm
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Easiest Way to Buy a Car with Bad Credit in Austin, TX 

For any of several reasons, people who need to finance the purchase of a vehicle run into obstacles when applying for a loan. The easiest way to buy a car with bad credit in Austin, TX is to work with the financial experts at Third Coast Auto Group. We understand that bad things happen to good people and that our customers are more than just a series of numbers on a credit report. Third Coast Auto Group functions as what is known in the pre-owned automotive industry as a ‘buy here, pay here’ dealership. Our goal is to help everyone who comes to us to find a car, truck or SUV that will best fit their family’s needs and their budget. Let’s take a look a few things that you might want to know. 

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What does ‘buy here, pay here’ mean? 

Almost every new and used car dealership in the United States requires its customers to work with a bank or other lender to buy one of their vehicles. This subjects customers to invasive forms and arduous approval processes. Third Coast Auto Group customers will work directly with the dealership when it comes to the financing process, which will give everyone involved a little more flexibility. Some of the other benefits of using buy here, pay here financing include: 

Will BHPH financing help my credit? 

One of the trade-offs of using a buy here, pay here model of financing is that payments may not be recorded on your credit report. While this may not help your credit profile, it also won’t make things worse. Additionally, if things go really sideways and a repossession is ordered, that also may not show up on a future credit pull. Even though BHPH financing is designed to help people with less-than-perfect credit, it still behooves the customer to clean up their finances as much as possible before visiting a Third Coast Auto Group location. Be sure to dispute any errors on your credit report; get all accounts current and consider saving up for a down payment – even if it might not be required. 

If you have more questions about the ins and outs of buy here, pay here financing, make an appointment with your nearest Third Coast Auto Group location.