Don’t let an old car cause you to miss out on the latest technology

By Product Expert | Posted in Technology on Tuesday, April 27th, 2021 at 1:42 pm
A person is connecting their phone to a vehicle's infotainment system.

How can I add hands-free calling to my car? 

Buying a used car can be a great financial move for a lot of buyers. Our team of product experts could talk all day about the advantages of buying a pre-owned vehicle over a new model. One small downside to taking a pre-owned vehicle home from the Third Coast Auto Group is that people might miss out on some of the latest technology. If you have a fear of missing out, our team is here to help answer the question, ‘How can I add hands-free calling to my car?’ There is a point, not all that long ago, when the federal government mandated Bluetooth connectivity be a standard feature to help people keep their hands on the wheel. There are some easy and affordable ways to add this capability after the fact. 

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How does a Bluetooth FM transmitter work? 

The most affordable way to add hands-free Bluetooth connectivity to any vehicle is to get an FM transmitter. Basically, the device employs unused FM radio frequencies to pass call from a compatible phone through the vehicle’s speakers. Your phone will still need to be placed in a spot that will allow it to pick up your voice. These devices can also be used to stream music if you choose to go that route. Amazon has a lot of options for Bluetooth transmitters which have starting prices under $20. 

What does Amazon Echo Auto do? 

You can really raise the level of connectivity technology in your vehicle if you use the Amazon Echo Auto. By connecting one of these devices to your smartphone, you can take the functionality of your Amazon Alexa home assistant anywhere. You can ask the unit for directions, play music, news or podcasts. If you use Alexa-compatible lights for your home, you will be able to turn them on from your vehicle so you don’t have to walk in the house in the dark. 

If you want to find a pre-owned vehicle with Bluetooth already equipped, make an appointment with a Third Coast Auto Group product expert today.