4 Essential Tips for Traveling with Pets

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A dog safely secured in a crate in the back of an SUV

Four Essentials Travel Tips to Follow When Traveling with Pets  

Are you traveling with Pets? Consider these four essential travel tips from Third Coast Auto Group in Austin, TX, to learn about the safety and precautions you need to take when traveling with your furry friend. Since we travel with our pets regularly, most people sometimes miss out on practicing car safety norms. Join us at Third Coast Auto Group to discuss the four essential tips you must follow when traveling with pets. Pet parents! What are you waiting for? Continue reading to learn more.

How to Practice a Healthy Travel with Pets?

Taking safety precautions is very important while traveling with pets in your car. The first thing before traveling is to ease your pet in the car before starting the journey. One of the basic things to keep in mind while traveling with your pet is to make them feel super comfortable and cozy. Some pets like to stay out the window, but the windows need to be closed; otherwise, it can bring unexpected harm to them.  

1. Do not seat them in the front seat

People love their pets – it is a universal truth. But there are several things a pet can do to cause an accident. The best way to keep them contained and avoid accidents is to properly place your pet in a crate, cage, or animal seatbelt system.

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2. Do not seat them in the front seat  

No matter what type of animal or how big they might be, the front seat is no place for them since airbags are not specifically designed for pets. Even if you hold them with you, it could cause an accident. Make sure to keep your pet in the back seat or the back of the car because both of your lives are worth more than temporary cuddles.  

A pet parent hugging their dog
A dog peeking out from a car's window

3. A pet must have an identification tag  

An identification tag for your pet is one of the most important things to do as a pet parent. This is important in case you are ever in an accident or when the pet escapes from the car, which is common. The identification tag gives your pet a chance of being returned when lost. If you happen to be in an accident, it can also help an officer identify you if your name is on their tag.  

4. Pack food and other essentials for your pets

Just like you pack for yourself, it’s also essential to pack items in your car for your pet. A water dish or water bottle, food is always helpful to have on hand for any pet. Also, a leash and poop bags are essential to keep in the car. Always carry a leash because pets like dogs can sometimes distract the driver, leading to an accident. Moreover, keep a traveling kit for your pet with medicines and other essentials.

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