How to Maintain your Vehicle’s Engine?

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks on Monday, June 13th, 2022 at 10:32 am
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Importance of Maintaining your Vehicle’s Engine

Proper maintenance of your car engine is essential for prolonging the vehicle’s life. Regularly scheduled checkups can prevent problems from becoming significant setbacks. Replacing your engine air filter regularly could save you as much as 15 percent gas and help your engine run more efficiently. As a bonus, it will also remove any blockages or obstructions built up over time.

Improved aerodynamics will allow your vehicle to draw in more clean air while driving, allowing it to operate more efficiently and improve gas mileage. It is necessary to take proper preventive measures to increase safety on roads. Ensure that your car is in perfect condition by regularly checking, including an inspection, for any underlying problems such as a broken hose, loose belts, or battery problems. Read the blog crafted by Third Coast Auto Group in Austin, TX, for tips to maintain your vehicle’s engine.

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Tips to Maintain your Vehicle’s Engine

Mentioned below are some engine maintenance tips:

  • Change engine oil at regular intervals: The engine oil helps keep lubricated moving parts of your car well oiled. The filter prevents wear and tear on the engine and stops any dirt from being sucked back into the engine, allowing optimal performance throughout the vehicle’s life cycle.
  • Checking the Coolant System: Always make sure there is enough coolant in the tank. A 1:1 ratio of coolant to distilled water is ideal as it keeps your engine running smoothly without overheating.
An image of the interior engine room of the car.
An image of the engine coolant bottles at the service center.
  • Checking the Airflow in the vehicle – A constricted airflow or the emission of fumes, as a result, can cause your car to increase in gas usage and decrease mileage. Check your air filter every so often for dirt and debris stuck to it. 
  • Checking the belts – Rubber belts are essential to powering a vehicle in motion. Check the belts for cracks or signs of wear, if they get frayed, it can cause serious damage to your vehicle’s engine components.
  • Replacing Fuel Filter –  A fuel filter is a cleansing device for fuel. It ensures that there is no foreign matter in the fuel before it reaches the engine, making it more efficient and preventing internal build-up from occurring.

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