When Should I Get My Car Battery Replaced?

By Product Expert | Posted in Service, Tips and Tricks on Monday, March 7th, 2022 at 5:18 am
A technician placing a new battery into the slot

How to Tell When Your Car Battery Needs Replacement 

Not every car owner will know when and how to replace the battery and its components for better performance on the road. Most people tend to take a step when a repair is overdue. Nevertheless, the circuits and acids work together to enable proper functioning for longer periods. However, you will need to pay attention to signs of a dying battery so that your car doesn’t fall into the pit of total damage. Early warnings should be taken seriously and acted upon, leading to mishaps of lower impact. If you are confused as to how frequently a repair or replacement should be done, here’s how to tell when your car battery needs replacement. Contact our team at Third Coast Auto Group in Austin, Texas for further guidance and service assistance. 

Signs of a Dying Battery 

Automakers build systems into cars that let you know when something is not right. A dysfunctional/dying battery is often brought to the driver’s attention through illuminated dashboard lights or pungent smells. Make sure to keep an eye out for the following signs of a battery that requires immediate replacement. 

Checking the efficiency of a battery while replacing it
A corroded battery case caused by excessive exposure and acid attack

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  • If ignition takes time or comes to function only after multiple tries, the engine may be relying on a dying battery. Potential accidents and delays can be avoided by getting the battery checked as soon as possible. 
  • Most of the time, the illuminated battery light comes on when the circuits aren’t operating at their optimum. Never ignore these signs because you may be risking a safe ride by doing so. 
  • When the battery has undergone overcharging or gets exposed to high temperatures, the case is likely to bloat over time. You must frequently check for any strange swelling on the battery so that you avoid further damage. 
  • Leaking battery fluids are also a sign of a dying battery, and this mostly happens when the battery is overcharged. 

Get Battery Replacement Services in Austin, Texas 

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