What are the best summer activities in Austin, TX?

By Product Expert | Posted in Community, FAQs, Just for Fun on Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 at 8:52 pm
Mother and daughter paddling in kayak

Top Summer Activities in Austin, TX

At the time of this writing, back to school sales and similar propaganda are attempting to ram home the notion that summer is coming to an end soon. Come on, guys: there’s still a month left!  A full third of the season remains, so don’t throw in the towel (and swimsuit) just yet; there’s plenty more summer to enjoy.

And what better way to enjoy it by trying out some of the many activities found around Austin? Studies have shown that humans perceive time to move slower if they experience it in a variety of ways rather than settling into a repetitive routine. So pack some variety into the remainder of your summer with the help of our following suggestions, and make it last longer!

Experience Lady Bird Lake

At Lady Bird Lake, there’s a lot of options- denizens can be seen kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing, and more. If you don’t own any of these water transport objects, don’t fret- they can be rented at several places around the lake, including the Rowing Dock, Congress Avenue Kayak, and others.

A child and mother swimming

Bat Bridge

Every evening, more than a million Mexican free-tailed bats can be seen flying up into the evening sky from beneath Congress Avenue Bridge. This, as you can imagine, is quite a sight to see. You can choose to watch from the bridge itself, or any other public area (it’s a free country), but for optimal viewing we recommend the special bat-observation center.

Take a Hike

“It’s a dangerous business going out your door; if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no telling where you might be swept off to.” These wise words from Bilbo Baggins are good to heed. But follow our advice and hike along Barton Creek Greenbelt, and you won’t end up at Mount Doom (hopefully), but instead at Gus Fruh, a lovely swimming hole that features other notable natural attractions like the Urban Assault limestone rock wall, along with the hidden Twin Falls and Sculpture Falls areas.


The hot Austin summer often puts one priority in our heads, especially when we’re outside the blissful comfort of AC: Cool Off! One great way to do this is to check out Barton Springs Pool, a spring-fed swimming hole in the heart of the city. The water is always refreshing, and there are plenty of grassy areas to chill out on when you’re done.

Zilker Park

And then there’s Zilker Park, wherein we recommend checking out the Zilker Botanical Garden followed by the UMLAUF Sculpture Garden and Museum beyond.


Austin always has a lot of great music going down, but one special summer event is Blues on the Green, an ongoing concert series that takes place once per month.


If you want even more (a lot more, in fact) ideas, check out this page from austintexas.org. It helped us out with a lot of the suggestions here and has many more to give you.