What are the most common causes of car accidents in Texas?

By Product Expert | Posted in Texas, Tips and Tricks on Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 at 4:48 pm
Side view of two cars that collided with one another and their crumpled front ends.

Common Reasons for Car Accidents in Texas

An accident doesn’t just happen without a cause. Ideally, if every person follows the rules, there won’t be an incident, thanks to the way our traffic laws and systems are set up (although it’s also important to keep your vehicle in top condition to avoid mechanical failure). To avoid being in an accident, you should know the dangers- the common reasons that accidents occur. Additionally, always practice defensive driving as other people might not follow the rules as well as you do. Let’s take a look at the most common reason one car smashes into something it’s not supposed to in Texas. 

According to statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation (TDOT), the most common causes of car accidents in Texas and the number of collisions resulting from each one are:

  • Truck transports a car that's just been in an accident.Failure to control speed: 108,466
  • Driver inattention: 82,833
  • Failure to drive in a single lane: 27,073
  • Failure to yield while turning left: 25,981
  • Unsafe lane change: 23,572
  • Following too closely: 23,333
  • Improper evasive action: 22,151
  • Failure to yield at a stop sign: 22,144
  • Speeding, under limit: 21,006
  • Disregard of stop sign or light: 16,800
  • Failure to yield in private drive: 15,230
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol: 15,113

There are many other causes too (some of them season-specific), but these are the top ones.

What are the biggest causes of accidents?

Failure to control speed and driver inattention are the biggest causes of accidents in Texas. A driver should not drive a vehicle at a speed greater than is “reasonable and prudent.” Usually this just means following the speed limit, though in hazardous driving conditions it can mean driving well below that. Motoring too fast makes it harder to maneuver to avoid accidents, along with increasing the severity of those that do occur. Even going slightly over the speed limit can greatly increase the likelihood and severity of an accident.

The second highest contributor to crashes includes anything that’s taking hands, eyes, or attention away from the act of driving. This of course includes phone usage, radio fiddling, eating, reading, brushing teeth, playing guitar, or whatever you might be doing that’s not focused on controlling the vehicle. So, remember to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

It’s also a good idea to keep your visibility clear.